• Using Contribution analysis in evaluating development projects

    AISE Consulting recently evaluated complex advocacy and health systems strengthening projects in Nigeria and Kenya.

  • Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA)

    AISE Consulting  has won a consultancy bid with the Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), a National Women’s Organisation in Nigeria to conduct a Baseline survey on Mitigating COVID-19 impacts on Girl’s education for their Recovery and Resilience Project.

  • Deborah Delgado Pugley: Study on responses to COVID-19 in Peru

    AISE is proud of our Conservation and Climate change expert, Deborah Delgado Pugley, PhD who won a research grant from the Social Research Council to conduct a study on indigenous peoples networked response to COVID-19 in the Peruvian amazon.

  • Assessment, Innovation, Strategy and Evaluation


AISE provides a range of services in health and development to support our client's project implementation work

Tailored and adapted gender analysis and mainstreaming services

Are you seeking support with gender analysis and mainstreaming in your budget development, project analysis, and formulation or reporting, but you find existing templates not quite adapted to your needs? Do you work on different health and development projects, including sexual and reproductive health, climate change, sustainable development, agriculture and livelihoods, and Trade, and cannot find gender and social inclusion expertise focused on your specific sector?

Are you a private organization or donor organization seeking to do more inclusive work, but unsure about how to do this in a sustainable relevant way?

With AISE consulting we will work with you to develop templates and frameworks that can be adapted to your context and needs and the specific target clients you want to serve.

Social network analysis

Are you curious about who are key personnel in your organization, coalition, or among your network or trying to understand how you can be more inclusive, by encouraging more diverse leadership in these spaces, or identifying which profiles are best for peer advocacy? Well, AISE Consulting can provide tailor-made social network analysis technical advisory support. We are happy to provide this support as a learning partner and support you with integrating this into your strategic decision-making.

Rapid reviews for internal decision-making

Are you interested in developing a new intervention, policy, or project but unsure of its relevance, suitability, or value-add? AISE can support you with rapid reviews, and market research that is utilization focused. We will work closely with you to develop a methodology that is evidence-based and adapted to your needs and work closely with you as a learning partner throughout the journey, making sure the final product is attentive and reflective of your needs.

Inclusion strategy framework

Are you curious as to how to male your theory of change and strategy more inclusive but do not know where to start? Our consultants use the GDEIB and other tested models to closely analyze your organization’s strategy and processes to develop a strategy that is inclusive, operational, and sustainable for your organization, its management, personnel, and clients.

Pro-bono work for not-for-profits

AISE offers pro-bono technical advisory services to 3 to 4 organizations every year to support their strategy assessment and help them develop more sustainable operational structures as well as continue to serve the communities they work with well. Interested in our pro- bono services, please contact us to discuss your eligibility.


AISE provides and contributes to ethical and sustainable solutions to development and health system reforms in low- and middle-income countries. We do this by providing our clients with opportunities to co-create interventions, drawing out evidence-based solutions through evaluations and implementing them in a sustainable manner.