• Assessment, Innovation, Strategy and Evaluation

AISE consulting is focused on developing gender inclusive, sustainable and context specific solutions to development and health systems problems in low and middle income countries. It operates with a client-centred and driven partnership model, to co-create and support institutions to develop evidence based and sustainable solutions to important development and health systems issues. AISE was founded by Emilomo Ogbe, a medical doctor, ethics and public health expert. AISE is run by a team of experts with experience in Gender mainstreaming, Strategy and Consulting, Epidemiology, Development and Health Systems Strengthening.  


To promote gender inclusive, evidence based and sustainable solutions to development and health systems strengthening in low and middle-income countries.


  • To support, promote and facilitate project implementation for community based organisations working in gender, health and development
  • To provide evidence based solutions for ensuring gender inclusive, health system strengthening and development efforts in Low and middle income countries
  • To serve as a think-tank and knowledge and collaborative centre for gender mainstreaming and health systems strengthening in low and middle income countries


Dr. Emilomo Ogbe

Founder A.I.S.E.

Sonia Menon PhD

Epidemiology and Development expert

Dr. Muktar Gadanya

Public Health Expert

Monique van Lettow PhD

Global Health Research Expert

Genna Byrd, MA, MBA

Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Expert


External Associates

Els Leye PhD

Gender-based Violence expert

Deborah Spindelman

Inclusive Education Expert

Vernon Mochache M.D., PhD

Sexual and Reproductive health and East Africa Regional Expert

Deborah Delgado Pugley PhD

Conservation and Climate Change Expert

Ana Baptista MD

Gender and Health Expert

Paskal Vandenbussche

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Expert


Gender Security Project
Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights


AISE provides and contributes to ethical and sustainable solutions to development and health system reforms in low- and middle-income countries. We do this by providing our clients with opportunities to co-create interventions, drawing out evidence-based solutions through evaluations and implementing them in a sustainable manner.