• Using Contribution analysis in evaluating development projects

    AISE Consulting recently evaluated complex advocacy and health systems strengthening projects in Nigeria and Kenya.

  • Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA)

    AISE Consulting  has won a consultancy bid with the Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), a National Women’s Organisation in Nigeria to conduct a Baseline survey on Mitigating COVID-19 impacts on Girl’s education for their Recovery and Resilience Project.

  • Deborah Delgado Pugley: Study on responses to COVID-19 in Peru

    AISE is proud of our Conservation and Climate change expert, Deborah Delgado Pugley, PhD who won a research grant from the Social Research Council to conduct a study on indigenous peoples networked response to COVID-19 in the Peruvian amazon.

  • Assessment, Innovation, Strategy and Evaluation

We've grown some more

By Tracy Nnanwubar, Communications Consultant with AISE Consulting

This past year has been a year of growth at AISE Consulting Group. Our portfolio encompassed  health systems strengthening consulting, evaluations, and diversity inclusion work.

Adamnesh Bogale is the AISE Ethiopia Country Lead for the Guttmacher Project (Project 536) and a senior social scientist and Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. She holds an LLB and received her Ph.D. in Social Work and Social Development. Her work focuses on understanding the changing dynamics of human mobility including youth migration and development, and global policy discourse on migrants and refugees. She works on recognizing the progressive change in gender and migration, and intra/inter-household gender dynamics and power relations analysis.

She is an expert in Law/policy analysis and makes legislative recommendations. During her 15+ years of research and policy experience, she has led projects and worked extensively on south-south migrations, gender analysis for inclusion and decision making, and youth development, by employing a range of methods. Her current and most recent projects include “Young women and men’s Aspirations and Resilience: Prospects for livelihoods, employment, and accountability before, during and beyond Covid-19” in Ethiopia; and “Capacity strengthening to build sustainable expertise necessary to advance Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) with particular focus on comprehensive and safe abortion in low and middle-income countries: Ethiopia”. Adamnesh collaborates with colleagues at the University of Sussex on the GCRF-funded project on Protracted Displacement Economies. She is also involved in editorial roles for the Journal of International Migration Research, and African and Black Diaspora: An International Journal

Benedict Dossen is AISE’s Liberia Country lead consultant for the Toolkit Development project for Guttmacher Institute (Project 536), and the Country Program Lead for the Carter Center Mental Health Program in Liberia.  He is a highly motivated and driven global mental health specialist, skilled in mental health systems strengthening, program sustainability, scaling up services, research, and stakeholder engagement on change initiatives within the health and social welfare sectors.He champions mental health workforce development, policy and legislative support, and advocacy. He works closely with government agencies, INGOs, donor organizations, CSOs, and other stakeholders to build and sustain Liberia’s public mental health system.

He led the development of Liberia’s national mental health center of excellence, and Liberia’s Center for Outcomes Research in Mental Health (LiCORMH). He is also a social expert with extensive expertise in community development, peacebuilding, advocacy, youth empowerment, and engaging marginalized populations. He has significant experience in designing, developing, and implementing social and gender integration plans in public and private entities. He is the former director of  gender and social inclusion with the Millennium Challenge Account in Liberia, where he led the development and implementation of gender empowerment and socially inclusive policies and plans for implementing entities. He is a prominent member of Liberia's central research ethics committees: the National Research Ethics Board (NREB) and the Atlantic Center for Research Evaluation (ACRE).

Daniel Courage-Ode  supports our Communications strategy at AISE. With an educational background in business administration and management, his career is focused on  textual content, politics, public relations, community action, and corporate branding. His strong interests in media, content creation and brand strategy have led him through various stages of leadership thus enhancing his skills in corporate communications.  Daniel is a prolific writer, brand storyteller, and published content creator.

Johnstone Kuya - DrPH, MPH - is a public health epidemiologist & policy specialist contributing to inclusive sustainable development, civil society strengthening, and global health diplomacy. He is passionate about leading and navigating complex conversations as well as conducting analysis using a hypothesis driven-approach. He designs solutions in an iterative manner while leveraging empirical evidence where necessary. As the strategic lead for AISE Kenya, Johnstone’s key competencies are strategic thinking and organizational development; visioning learning as a continuum, innovative problem solving, and inclusive decision making. These skills are reflected in his ability to build and maintain strategic relationships, communicate and negotiate while working in partnerships, and identify and deliver business process improvements.

Kelechi Cynthia Udeh is a Communications Specialist with AISE whose work is focused on Graphics design, Digital marketing, Web development, Blogging, and Research communications reporting. In addition to being a poet and writer, she has contributed significantly to projects that promote women's empowerment and gender inclusion, including documentaries on women's issues and GESI affairs in Africa.


Lilian Lyop Pwol is a development consultant at AISE, and currently a postgraduate researcher at the University of Nairobi’s  Institute of Development Studies. Highly enthusiastic and conscientious, her expertise encompasses program and administrative management, as well as community and stakeholder engagement. 

She has a track record of aligning with initiatives for sustainable growth and development. She is driven by a burning passion for unraveling issues around gender, social protection, and sustainable development; and how these impact women, youth, and development conversations across Africa.


Mustapha Katta is the AISE Sierra Leone Country Lead for the Guttmacher Project (Project 536) and is a social development expert based in Sierra Leone, who has designed and managed programs on women’s rights including economic empowerment issues; sustainable livelihoods, agroecology, and skills development for youths. He has consulted on advocacy and policy processes for inclusive natural resource governance and land rights. His expertise extends to social research, participatory processes, and program evaluation projects.


AISE provides and contributes to ethical and sustainable solutions to development and health system reforms in low- and middle-income countries. We do this by providing our clients with opportunities to co-create interventions, drawing out evidence-based solutions through evaluations and implementing them in a sustainable manner.