• Using Contribution analysis in evaluating development projects

    AISE Consulting recently evaluated complex advocacy and health systems strengthening projects in Nigeria and Kenya.

  • Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA)

    AISE Consulting  has won a consultancy bid with the Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), a National Women’s Organisation in Nigeria to conduct a Baseline survey on Mitigating COVID-19 impacts on Girl’s education for their Recovery and Resilience Project.

  • Deborah Delgado Pugley: Study on responses to COVID-19 in Peru

    AISE is proud of our Conservation and Climate change expert, Deborah Delgado Pugley, PhD who won a research grant from the Social Research Council to conduct a study on indigenous peoples networked response to COVID-19 in the Peruvian amazon.

  • Assessment, Innovation, Strategy and Evaluation

Our Podcast: A.I.S.E. Moments

By Emilomo Ogbe, Founder of AISE Consulting

This quarter, we are introducing A.I.S.E Consulting Group's podcast series, hosted by our Founder - Dr. Emilomo Ogbe. Titled “AISE Moments'', we publish a monthly reflective scoop into our health and development world with experts and champions of equity and sustainable development. The podcasts discuss gender, diversity and inclusion issues, as well as sustainable development programs and approaches across the world.

Our conversations champion ideologies to improve gender equity, minority access to resources, and justice in healthcare systems and development projects around the world.


AISE provides and contributes to ethical and sustainable solutions to development and health system reforms in low- and middle-income countries. We do this by providing our clients with opportunities to co-create interventions, drawing out evidence-based solutions through evaluations and implementing them in a sustainable manner.